L'Barkery Doggie Gelato - Apple and Cinnamon Flavour - All Pack Sizes

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The L'Barkery make at home doggie gelato is 100% lactose free and safe for every pooch or even your kitty.

It is made from 100% Australian human grade ingredients.

Gelato is also super versitile and only limited by your imagination. It can be frozen in moulds or ice cube trays for a cooling delicious treat. You can also mix it and put it in the fridge to make a yummy custard. You can add fruit or K9 Krunch for an even healthier delicious treat. You are only limited by your imagination.


Coconut milk powder - which aids in fighting viruses, improves your dogs immune system and adds shine to their coat, all the while improving their breath too!

Yogurt Powder - it is a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics and protein as well as promoting a healthier digestion system.

- Cinnamon - which can help regulate blood sugar and raise insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon can also fight the fungus that causes yeast infections

- Apple powder - contain calcium vitamins K, C and A and pectin (soluble fibre) which helps support improve skin and coat health while also strengthening your pets immune system. Vitamin c aides in the proper development of muscles and bones during early stages of life and also allows older dogs to remain healthy.

Gar gum fruit pieces.