Naturally Shed Deer Antler Medium

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Deer antlers are a long lasting chew for your dog! Medium Whole Antlers are the perfect treat for medium size and up dogs who love to chew.

These antlers will last at least three months, and are ground down leaving only a fine dust residue, so they are clean too. These chews are fabulous for keeping your dogs amused, as well as their teeth clean.

With a hard exterior and centre filled with full flavoured marrow which encourages dogs to keep gnawing at it until it gets to the centre.Because of this, it is an incredible, natural dental aid. Antlers are naturally shed and will not splinter. Because they are full of vitamins and minerals they will help keep your dog healthy and strong.They are longer lasting than most other chews, making them a great occupier for when you leave the house. They are single ingredient with absolutely not chemicals or preservatives added, making them the perfect treat for the perfect dog.

Ingredients: 100% Naturally shed Australian deer antlers.