L'Barkery Sweet Roo and Parsley Chips - 150 gram packet

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L.Barkery's sweet roo and parsley chips are sure to be a winner with your pup. Remember that healthy doesn't have to be boring!

- Rich source of dietary fibre
- Enriched with antioxidants & essential nutrients.
- Freshens breath and great for sensitive stomachs.
– alleviates itching & infections.

KANGAROO MEAT is high in protein - essential for optimal dog health, high in omega 3’s for healthy skin & coat, a strong immune system & is allergen free – alleviates itching & infections.
SWEET POTATO is good for the heart, oxygenates the blood cells, high in fibre & contains large healthy amounts of potassium, magnesium and iron for an all-round happy and healthy pet.
While TURMERIC blocks inflammation, kills infectious bacteria improves the function & health of the heart, aids in the treatment of ear infections, sinus infections, parasites, prevents cataracts, and helps heal damage from long-term diabetes and wounds caused by diabetes.