Weekends Puppicino's Hoomans Reversible Dog Scarf - Bandanna

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Weekends, Puppicino's Hooman's - yes that's how we roll!
This limited edition design of our new classic is available now in grey and black paws.

We don't know - but we do know that this is one of our most popular and cutest designs.

A little bit rockabilly, a little bit retro this design is made from 100% cotton, is reversible and to put on you simply slip over the collar. You can be telling your pack exactly what you are doing one day, classic black paw design the next.

This design comes in four sizes:

Small - Daschie, Frenchie, Maltese, Pug Size - Length on collar approx 21cm

Medium - Staffy, English Bull Dog, Border Collie, Kelpie - Length on collar approximately 32cm

Large - Husky, Labrador, Cattle Dog, Samoyed - Length on collar approximately 42cm

XL - Malamute, German Shepherd, St Bernard, Rottweiler, bull mastiff - length on callar approximately 55cm

XXL - Great Dane, Buddy or any other very big dog! - length on collar 70cm